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Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!!!!!! I bought the original Paul Stanley back in 1978 I believe and I'll never forget the sound those DiMarzio Super 2's cranked out through my Marshall. Well I came across this one, the cracked mirrored one yet, was skeptical but figured at the least it'll go on my wall with other collectibles. I plugged in and it was 1978 all over again, it screams, has the weight and it's beautiful, matter of fact I have a gig Saturday and it's coming with me!!!!

--Marta Healy

Product exactly as described. Very satisfied with the product. Now, compared to the American version, nut is little higher, strings needs changing, small details like paint at the edge are not uniform, bridge pickup is microphonic, and the knobs are not aligned. However, these are small things that will make this a Project guitar and exactly what I wanted. Very satisfied with communication with the seller and relatively fast shipping. Thanks.

--Anna Johnson

The bass was exactly as described and the workmanship is excellent! thanks for making me my dream bass.

--Geroge Bourque