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Product ID : GMT-209
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Product Highlights:

•Chromatic Clip-On Tuner designed for all string/wind/brass instruments.
•The largest and unique full-color LCD display ensures easy-viewing under any condition
•User-friendly button and switches
•Metronome function and pitch-reference function integrated.
•Fast and precise tuning with latest tuning technology.
•360-degree rotary clip guarantee the best viewing angle.
•Energy-saving function ensures the maximum battery life.
•Unique triple-color meter design, displays different colors under different pitching status
•Calibration function is supported for a wide-range of concert pitches.
•Built-in Piezo and mic supports different means of pitching.

Precision of Tuning:

GMT-209 is using the latest tuning software developed by our dedicated Research & Development Team. The new software is being transplanted to all Flanger tuner and metronome tuners. GMT-209 Clip-On Tuner is supporting a wide tuning range; from A0 to C8.A high-sensitive Piezo sensor is built in the padded clip to sense the vibration of instruments. You may also switch the tuning mode to MIC mode for alternative signal pickup.

GMT-209 Clip-On Tuner is supporting real-time tuning of wide range types of musical instruments: acoustic guitar, electrical guitar, bass, violin, trumpet and many more. You may select the preferred A4 range from 430 Hz to 450 Hz. After thousands of times testing, the dictating speed is proven to meet professional musicians’ needs. The accuracy (precision) is within 1 cent. All these great tuning features made GMT-209 a professional tool for all musicians!

Ultra Visibility:

The GMT-209 features a large liquid crystal pendulum screen than any clip-on tuners on the market. The high quality screen displays perfectly under dark environment and even strong sunlight. The screen ensures the perfect visibility and easy viewing from any angles. You may adjust the 360-degree rotary clip to the best viewing angle.

You may also use GMT-209 Clip-On Tuner as a desktop type tuner. When placing GMT-209 on the desk, piano or top of an amp, the clip is also adjustable for viewing-angle adjustment. Under the metronome mode, the meter will be moving from left to right for indication of tempo. All the parameters are showing on the upper side of the screen for easy reading.


The interpreted metronome of GMT-209 enables musicians to present daily practice and warm up activities. You may adjust tempo from 30~280bpm,  Beat: 0、1、2、3、4、5、6、7、9,  Duration:0-8. The Beat Tolerance is within 1%.

Such a large machine with so many great features may an energy waster? Not at all. Our designers made the GMT-209 an energy-saving tool each you may use it over 100 hours with 2 AAA batteries.

Tuning Item:Chromatic,Guitar,Bass,Ukulele,Violin                
Tuning Mode:C,  Tuning range: A0~C8,    A4 Range:430Hz-450Hz ,  Tolerance: ±1cents          
Tempo:30-280bpm,  Beat: 0、1、2、3、4、5、6、7、9,  Duration:0-8,  Beat Tolerance:1%,  Beat Tolerance:1%
Size:100mm*40mm*30mm,   Wight:70g,  Color:Black
Power:2 AAA Battery    Accessory:Manual,2 AAA Battery
Pcs/ctn: 168,  G.W./Ctn (Kgs): 18.5,  Meas. (cm): 41*36*34,  Volume (CBM):0.03

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