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Grand has released another 3 Micro Preamps. 016 - PHOENIX / 017 - CALI MK IV / 018 - CUSTOM 100 and some tube amps.

What Our Customers Say

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!!!!!! I bought the original Paul Stanley back in 1978 I believe and I'll never forget the sound those DiMarzio Super 2's cranked out through my Marshall. Well I came across this one, the cracked mirrored one yet, was skeptical but figured at the least it'll go on my wall with other collectibles. I plugged in and it was 1978 all over again, it screams, has the weight and it's beautiful, matter of fact I have a gig Saturday and it's coming with me!!!!

--Marta Healy

"Grand" has many style handmade guitar amp. I ordered this SSS 100W few months ago and played it nearly everyday, this is the best Dumble SSS Clone I have ever played, the purple suede tolex is very beautiful too, guys if want to order these amp, can hear the sound here:

--Steven Fess

I am the very proud owner of Grand hand wired, Princeton Reverb version and ODS! I've played through a LOT of amps over my 50 plus years, as a pro musician in the land down under, and I'm telling you this is up there with the best. Every guitar I plug in brings out the character of the guitar. It just sings and I'm always getting asked, “How do you get that sound out of that little amp”. Put pedals in front and man they come alive. The reverb is brilliant and the Tremolo is so musical. I'm one very happy chappy.

--Geroge Bourque