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Mechanical Metronome
Mechanical Metronome

Mechanical Metronome

Product ID : GM-301
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Mechanical Metronome 
Loud sound 
Stable Metronome 
Robust structure 

Tempos 0,2,3,4,6
Speed: 40~208BPM
Weight: 550g
Size: 130mm x 220mm x 130mm                          
KM-01: Black, Red, White, Pink, light Blue
KM-01T: Transparent purple, Transparent white, Transparent blue,Transparent Red,
Metal mechanical core,pure metal movement 
Accurate beat with bell,stable, loud   
Bell for beats 0, 2, 3, 4 and 6            
Easy operation        
Tempo:40-208 bpm
Size: 62 x 26.5 x 28.5 cm /carton 
Quantity in one box: 10PCS
Other:retia outside, brightness, high-grade, stable,tower and beautiful shape   
Colors:wide choice of colors

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